What is Social Media Marketing for Restaurants and Bars? Part 1: Branding

What does Social Media Marketing mean for Restaurants and Bars?

A good friend and consultant client asked me recently “What’s the point of all this “Social Media Marketing buzz”?” He was reading about in industry publications. Although I was initially surprised, I soon realized that many F&B professionals are not knowledgeable about Social Media Marketing. Based on the large number of establishments without Facebook accounts, I should have known. Another customer asked me if I believed that SMM was applicable to bars and restaurants, or more precisely “whether or not Social Media Marketing is as effective for independent bars and restaurants than it is for large chains.” In the following articles, I will try to explain what SMM is specifically in relation to Restaurants and Bars.

We first need to understand the concept of Social Media Marketing:

Social media is “a form of communication that is socially-oriented” and marketing is “the business or action of selling or promoting products or services”. Social Media Marketing (SMM), is basically “using social forms of communication in order to promote or sell products and services.”

Social media has changed everything.

Bar owners, managers, and restaurant owners don’t realize that customer conversations igpanel followers are no longer a verbal exchange on which they have no control, but a virtual one, in which the establishment owners can participate. This “conversation” has many advantages. Customers can still share their experience with you and your establishment long after they have left.

It is essential to be able to interact with your customers cheap smm provider and have an influence on them, regardless of whether they are at your establishment.

Let’s take a look at the main goals of Social Media Marketing with respect to Restaurants and Bars:

Understanding SMM would be easier if you understood the six main goals and how they could be applied in a restaurant or bar. These are the main goals:

1. Create Brand Awareness (for your particular location)
2: Reputation Management
3 – Developing public relations
4: Extending your customer service
5 – Building a community
6 – Driving sales and leads.

Building Brand Awareness for Your Locality-This information is vital because it will help to color the little bits that most people can retain about your restaurant or bar. This is because people don’t care as much about the business you run. People don’t pay attention to your business until it is time to use it. This is why it is important to create a consistent branding message that 1) sets you apart from the competition, 2) links you to a specific place, and 3) promises something that will make your customer choose you over the rest.

Take a look at my example here:

Billy Bob’s BBQ Shack is our brand. Their slogan is “Great BBQ Fast!” They would like to include that slogan or message in all of their online content. They would also want to link this information to a specific place. Let’s pretend they’re in Columbia, SC. Their slogan online should be “Great BBQ Fast in Columbia, S.C.” The following could be used to reinforce their message:

Post the fastest times they can serve on your blog, or tweet them to your followers.
They will use every opportunity to promote their brand of “Great BBQ Fast In Columbia, SC.”
They could create a blog about their restaurant to reinforce their location and fast service
The tagline would also be displayed on their Facebook page.

There are many benefits to creating brand awareness via social media channels. One of my favorite things is setting expectations for customers through branding. Customers will be more satisfied if they know what to expect upon entering your business.

The second thing I love about branding via social media is the possibility to segment your message depending on the channel. You could, for example, use social media to highlight your “Great BBQ Fast” part of your message to impress your lunch crowd. If you want to highlight the locality of your message, then your Facebook or blog page could be the best way to do it.

Social media branding is much cheaper than other media. Although it’s difficult to calculate the return on investment of any branding campaign, Social Media is so inexpensive that branding is almost as absurd as having a screen door installed on a submarine.