Secret “Stay Put” tricks for wedding makeup that will last

Your greatest challenge, whether you’re a bride or a professional makeup artist, is to make the moment in front of the mirror a lasting memory. Let’s find out what makes foundation, eye-shadow and lipstick withstand the heat, tears, and kisses of summer heat.

Face first: You should never paint over wallpaper. If it starts to peel off, your new color will also be affected. The skin should be clean and moisturized before applying makeup. Smooth surfaces allow products to blend in evenly. Open your pantry and grab your oatmeal. Mix it with some water in your hands. Massage the paste onto your face and lips, avoiding any dry patches. This is the most important step that many people skip when complaining about cakey foundation. Neutrogena Healthy skin Anti-Wrinkle cream is for oily to normal skin types. Cetaphil Ultra Hydrating Cream is recommended for dry skin. (Let moisturizers sit in for 20 minutes before applying makeup.

Prime time: Satin-lovers, listen up! The silicone-based primers may be popular, but they are not the best for long-lasting wedding makeup. These products are silky in texture, but can also create a barrier between skin and foundation that prevents makeup from sticking to skin. Many airbrush foundations, which are popular among brides, don’t work well with silicone primers.

Product pals: Korres Face premium eye makeup with Laura Mercier is a silicone-free primer that can be used on normal to dry skin types. Use Smashbox Anti-Shine for oily skin. Apply a thin layer of Milk of Magnesia or Smashbox Anti-Shine to oily skin. (Yes, I said it-both products are powerful in oil control thanks to the ingredient magnesium silicate).

Eyes For You: What’s the best way to get a budge-proof, crease-proof eye-shadow look? Apply moisturizer to the lower lashline to prepare your concealer. Do not apply to your upper lid, where the shadow goes, after your cleansing routine. Avoid using concealer or foundation on your upper lids to create shadow. They are too emollient. So what should you use? There are hundreds of eye-shadow primers on the market, but many are too creamy or slippery with silicone. Camouflage products and primers can be counted on to be waterproof. Products to consider: Laura Mercier Eye Basics or Makeup Forever Full-Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream.

Ace your Base: Oil means slide. Even if your skin is dry, you should choose oil-free foundations. You can moisturize your skin as often as you like before applying foundation. To ensure that your oils are properly managed, you can powder your skin before applying foundation. For sheer coverage, you can use MAC Face and Body Foundation or Kett Hydro Airbrush Foundation. Avoid foundations that contain SPF. Their active ingredient can cause flash attacks in photography, making the face look pale and ashy.

Conceal Deal What if I cry! This is the bride’s first reaction when the concealer for under-eyes comes out. Some concealers can withstand the tears while others go away. The liquid wand formulas are less effective against watershed, so make sure you grab the cream/camouflage formulas in tubes that are waterproof. Product buddies: Makeup for Ever Full Cover Camouflage (not marketing, but it’s a favorite), Kett Fixx Creme.

Place Setting The step of setting or sealing any wet makeup is second-nature for most professional makeup artists. This idea may seem new to the average woman. To prevent liquid or creamy makeup from moving, you should finish any area with a sheer powder. This will allow the colors to glide more easily. Apply the blot powder to the eyelid foundation and base. Product pal: MAC Blot Powder (compact)

Color Power: High Pigment are words that describe the best products that offer strong enough colour intensity to stand out and last on the skin. While a bride does not want to look clownish, a subtle wash should be achieved. Only the most pigmented products can pass the test. Cream formulas won’t last as long as powder eye-shadows or blushes. Consider how many times the testers have to be run over your back before the colors stand out. If you do this more than once, weak pigments will quickly fade. For extra color strength, you can set a cream blush or eye-shadow with a layer powder of the same color. Eyeshadows and blushes from MAC, Makeup Forever, and Annabelle, MAC, and Nars are all good product pals.

Pencil Pushing Why does my eyeliner smudge Many women are shocked to learn that just stroking an eyeliner pencil does not guarantee that it will stay there for a few hours. Pencils can smudge easily if left alone. They are waxy and creamy products. You can lock in their pigment by tracing over them using eye-shadow of the same color. Use only waterproof pencils. If you don’t like the sharp lines of liquid liners, then go for the gel liners. These can also be used with shadow. Products pals: Annabelle Smoothliners and Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes pencils. Bobbi Brown Long-wear Gel Liners.

Lash Blaster: Give your eyelashes a long-term lift with double the amount of curling. After mascara is applied, curl the lashes before you apply mascara. To ensure that your curler doesn’t bend too much, heat it with a blowdryer. Dust the curler with powder to prevent it from sticking to your lashes. If you don’t want to see Niagara-style tears, you can leave the mascara off your lower lashes. Product friends: Shu Uemura eyelash curler (the Cadillac of curlers), Cover girl Lash Blast mascara (one the few waterproof formulas that’s not too watery).

Lip Lotion: Many brides swear they don’t use lip gloss. While this can work if you keep it handy for quick touch-ups, it is not practical on the big day. Because they are strong in pigment, lipsticks are a popular choice. They won’t dry your lips out unlike long-wear stains. To block out your natural lip color, apply foundation. This will allow you to reveal the true color of the lipstick. Blot powder can be used to set that. Use a pencil base to color the lips, then use a lipstick of the same shade. To remove excess oils from the lips, use a tissue. For highlight, apply a second coat of lipstick, followed by a lighter blotting. You can apply a lip gloss before your gloss. These are alcohol-based, but they can remove the shine from your lipstick and leave it matte. Lip pencils from MAC, Maybelline and Rimmel. Lipsticks by MAC. NYC Lip Sealant

Brow Freeze – Brows are often overlooked in makeovers. However, they demand as much attention and as much as any other feature. Make sure they look natural by filling them with powder and not pencil. Clear waterproof mascara can be used to prevent the shadows from running. Any brand of waterproof clear mascara will do. If you still have it, Caboodles is a favourite.

Some brides believe that the products you use are what makes them gasp when they look in the mirror at 2:20 am to see how well-placed their faces remain. Others will argue that it is the way you apply it. Another group will praise order and the way the art must follow a path of logic in an organized step-by-step process to achieve the highest levels of endurance. All of these are true. You don’t want to miss these steps, whether you are a professional or a bride creating your look.