Amazing Bridal Shower Ideas

A bridal shower is a great opportunity for friends and family to get together with the bride, share ideas, and feel part of the wedding planning process. Most often, only intimate friends and family are invited to the bridal shower. Because of hectic schedules, surprise bridal shower ideas are often difficult to arrange. It is common to donate money to the bride for accessories, such as wedding favors, gifts, and decorations. You can also buy the exact items the bride desires by asking each guest to choose an item from the list.

Bridal showers themed for the Self Makeup Classes in Bangalore are becoming increasingly popular as a way to prepare for their wedding. These are some of the most popular and unusual ideas for bridal showers:

Destination Shower – The bride and her bridesmaids travel to a location to host the bridal shower. This could be a cabin, hotel, or bed and breakfast. They will have fun, reminisce, and spend time together. You can also try camping, skiing, or yachting for your destination shower.

Kitchen and Recipe Showers: Friends can bring their own recipes and utencils to share the experience. It’s a fun game for guests to bring their own recipe ideas and put them in a hat. Then, they will make the food item.

Slumber Party Shower – This classic shower invites guests to bring their favorite pajamas, popcorn and teddy bears, and then everyone can relax around the T.V. Enjoy a night of nostalgia movies, cartoons, and just plain talking about your love.

Classic Games Shower – Write down a list and ask each guest to bring a board game. It will be a fun time sharing your past memories.

Bridal shower favors are a great way to add color and interest to the theme. Favors for bridal showers include candies, tea lights or votives, flavored lip balm, disposable cameras, and soaps and bath and beauty gift baskets.

Your creativity and imagination will allow you to combine your favors with your bridal shower themes. You might offer a variety of fruits in baskets, wrapped in boxes or chocolates. A personalized deck of cards might be a good idea for the slumber party.