What are Landing Pages?

What is a landingpage? This question is often asked by new affiliate marketers. It is easy to answer. This article will explain to you what landing pages are, how they can be used to sell products, and the components that make them work. Continue reading to find out more.

Definition of Landing Pages

A landing page is one page that receives visitors to a website. Traffic is sent to the landing page using different types of advertising. Any outgoing links usually go directly to merchant websites. This is a page on a website that is different from the website.

Why not direct link to merchant sites?

vipacc.id are used to give consumers quality information so that they can make informed purchases before buying products. It is not about creating hype. Pre-selling provides consumers with the information they need to make a decision about whether or not they want to purchase the product. A lot of information on the product is not available on merchant websites. This makes it difficult for consumers to make purchase decisions.

Marketers who provide landing pages that contain relevant product information have the advantage of building trust with customers, which leads to a higher return.

Do consumers prefer testimonials or reviews?

Two types of pages are used to pre-sell products: testimonial and review. Reviews provide information about products, services, comparisons and feedback. The second section includes testimonials from customers who have purchased and used the products. Reviews are more valuable to me because they provide more information. However, testimonials can be too emotional and lack substance.

A comprehensive review requires several components. Relevance is essential. The search term should be clearly displayed to the customer. In your title, headers, and text, use the term and any related phrases as naturally as possible. Include pictures. Compare similar products on one page. Do your research and provide exceptional content to the user.

You should also include objective product information on testimonial landing pages. You must also be able to relate to the customer on an emotional level. You should either own the product or speak with someone who has. Then, you can write about your (or someone else’s) experience with the product.

Setup a Product Review

Four components make up a product review:

  • Brief product descriptions using unique content. Your search engine rankings may be affected if you copy and paste content from another website. It is best to write your own words.
  • You can assign rankings to products based upon attributes like effectiveness, guarantee, support, and risk. You might also find other attributes that are not standard for each product. Consider your preferences.
  • You can add product images, screen shots or videos. Different learning styles are used by people. All the basics.
  • In the first frame of your website, make sure you have several exit points to merchant sites. Keep all reviews in the first frame. This is easier for the reader.


It is best to create landing pages for your personal website, considering all the Google algorithm changes (and more to come). As you grow your niche’s product line, you can continue adding more.

Although it may take more time to build the business, in the long-term you will have unique content of high quality and a sustainable business.