UFOs: The Observational Reality Supporting Extraterrestrial Visitations

The first step is to define precisely my definition of UFO. According to me, a true UFO is a UFO that is still a UFO following extensive study and analysis by experienced experts has failed to locate the object as a natural or artificial phenomenon. The term “unidentified” indicates there was a conclusion that the object could not be anything but a possible or even probable man-made or natural phenomenon, however what it was is still unidentified and is likely to remain inaccessible for a long time. Evidence from observation suggests that these Joe Rogan Ufo might be extraterrestrial visits (ETH). (ETH).

However, as I listen, I hear the screams of protest!

There is a possibility of arguing and coming to the conclusion that although it’s possible that aliens visit our home in the universe however, it’s extremely unlikely they would do so in our lifetime. It could happen in the passing of a couple of generations. It’s more likely that it happened in prehistoric times, perhaps billions, perhaps millions of years long ago. Although there’s something to be said for this but there’s also the argument that if you had visited once the tourist attraction that we refer to as Earth will continue to grow.

It’s not the only science-fiction story that focuses on aliens who, while charting our solar system’s newly created and surveying Earth naturally, approximately four billion years ago. They left behind some trash and created the beginning of life on Earth!

Then, a few billion years, and our alien scientists, or explorationists (biologists in this case) collected an octopus or two to add to their interstellar zoo, (or museum) collection. I’d wager that even aliens may have been enthralled with dinosaurs! Perhaps , in our imagined interstellar Zoo, terrestrial dinosaurs continue to display their wares after having been subjected to a prehistorical UFO abduction!

The odds are that any physical evidence from such ancient , prehistoric surveys or expeditions will be so scarce, destroyed away or completely buried that any musings about them will likely always remain a wild speculation. There are no witnesses left today!

Moving from prehistoric times of millions of years in the past and into more modern prehistoric times all the way to the time of ancient history, for instance in 100,000 years ago We could start receiving more specific visual evidence (cave artwork) or other archeological evidence from anthropology, mythology or other sources which brings us back to the subject of “ancient astronauts”. The only thing I can say about that is that the majority of popular literature about the subject is bovine fertilizer , or pure falsehoods. However, I’m not going make the mistake of trying to be on record as that all it says is.

There’s a song from country-pop artist Shania Twain that goes something like “That don’t impress me much”. In particular, when watching “ancient astronaut’ documentaries or reading popular books, I’ve not been amazed by the monuments claim that aliens built them or helped humans create them. Monuments like Stonehenge and the Pyramids (Egyptian and Mesoamerican) and the statues at Easter Island. This is a way to sell human capabilities short. I’m also not impressed by old technology thousands of years old batteries, for instance, that seem as alien as the Model T Ford.

What I find fascinating are the many bizarre and strange in appearance works of art from the past such as cave art, images sculptures, paintings and etchings. Some are of huge size, such as those of Nazca line drawings from Peru which are clearly intended for viewing from high up. It is also interesting to study mythology , and the comparative aspect of it which may be indicative of the ‘ancient astronauts’. These are valid and worthwhile research areas due to the significance of the matter.