Toppling Traditional Marketing With Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the current trend. A lot of companies that were entirely focused on traditional marketing are now moving towards digital marketing. Why is this? What made them be aware of this? Let’s see the factors that give solutions an advantage against traditional methods of marketing.

Traditional Marketing
The cost of traditional media, such as newspaper ads, television, hoardings, and other advertisements can be quite expensive. An advertisement on the front page could cost as much as several lakhs. Similar to hoardings and television.

* It is impossible to quantify: Despite all the effort it is almost impossible to estimate the precise number of people who have seen your advert or the conversion rate and the number of people interested, etc. Therefore, it is impossible to estimate an ROI. Therefore, how can you quantify or what criteria can you judge whether your campaign been successful or not?

* Area: If you set up a sign and only those who live in the region would be able view it. The message isn’t visible to everyone else. In the event that you publish in a newspaper will be distributed to that city only.

* Availability: There’s an hour limit. Your store would be open to customers only during a particular period of time.

Digital Marketing
* Reduced Cost: In comparison to traditional media, a marketing tool will cost nothing. The only form of paid online media are Pay Per Click (PPC) that will cost less. In this case, you are required to pay for the outcome you obtain. There are no unnecessary costs. The search engine optimization (SEO) as well as social media (SMM) are free or almost so.

Excellent ROI on Investment as mentioned above, every dollar invested will earn you a certain percentage of return. Your customers will visit your site. If they are not converted into immediately a potential lead he may at least be a potential lead in the near future.

* Measurability: There’s different tools to assess each aspect of your campaign. For example webmasters tools, Facebookand LinkedIn insights, etc. They will give you the number. of visits, conversion rate, and number. of views, as well as their gender, age of viewers, their location, etc.

* Targeting: Thanks to the tools above mentioned to us (for no cost) our ads are able to be targeted at a certain segment of people based on the product. This is not possible with traditional marketing.

• Reach: Marketing via digital is able to be able to reach more than just a city, town or even a country , but it can also reach the entire world. This expands your client base, increases chance of a sale, and keeps costs under control.