It is a good idea to walk with a limp to make a village seem unappetizing.

The cockfight is an ancient sport that was founded on animal cruelty and gambling. It features three-inch razor-sharp blades and blind servitude of the male beast instinct. is a centuries-old tradition which dates back to ancient China. It is legal now. Cockfighting is not just a hobby. It’s a serious business. “I replied. It was difficult for me to picture a chicken in a bandana leaping up and down or avoiding rolling coconuts. The locals claimed they train like prizefighters. A friendly local replied, “You know that you know cockfighting.” “The training is intense. Every morning, the trainer chases cocks around the farm for an hour.

The gamecocks receive a three-inch razor-sharp blade attached to their left feet. With a loud thud, their bodies collide with each other. Then they fly back up into the air, with their powerful legs pushing them upwards above the swirling dust.

This fight is marked by the swooshing sound made by feathers. Cockfight enthusiasts are an unusual breed.

Halfway through the third match I took a photo. I tried to apologize, but it was not received by the shaken heads.