Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: How to Make a Great Landing Page

What’s a Landing Page?

A landing page, in affiliate marketing, is a page that promotes a product to encourage or persuade visitors to visit the site (via a link) where that product is being sold.

Affiliate marketers will earn more commissions for every sale if there are more people who visit your and go to the vendor’s site. A persuasive landing page is essential.

Gathering Information for Your Landing page

These are the top steps to get the most important selling points and relevant information that you’ll use when creating your landing pages.

1. Buy the product. This is something that many affiliates don’t do. It is amazing to me how many affiliates promote products based only on information from the vendor’s site. Many affiliates believe that the product is too expensive to buy. This is foolish thinking. This is foolish thinking. I can assure you that buying the product you want is not an expensive investment.

2. You can use the product. If you don’t intend to use the product, it is not worth buying. This is actually the purpose of purchasing the product in the first instance. It doesn’t matter if the product is a digital product such as an eBook, or a physical product such as a golf course, your experience with the product will be a huge advantage over other affiliates who don’t use it. In fact, you will be able to describe all of the benefits of the product using your own words. This brings me to the final step.

3. From your own experience, make a list of the main selling points of the product. Keep track of everything about the product. This will vary depending on which product you’re promoting.

  • It is so easy to use the product
  • How much time you can save
  • How much money you can make
  • You will be amazed at how quickly you can achieve good results
  • The product’s quality
  • Great discount
  • How quickly did you receive the product

4. Download or take screen shots of the product. Many vendors will allow you to download any image from the site. Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words. You can get additional information from many vendors, which you can also use for free. Check out all of the information they provide.

Look at the website of the vendor to find additional selling points. Take a look at the layout of your sales page: the heading, subheadings and body. Bulleted lists, guarantee, price, call to action. The main selling points should be highlighted. This sales page will serve as your landing page.

Now you have all the information needed to write an honest review about all the benefits that can be achieved with the product.

No Website Require

A blogging site such as and is the best way to create a landing page. These platforms or blogs are maintained and hosted by companies or individuals. You can create a blog or account for free on their website. The site allows you to write, upload photos and publish information about almost any topic. This allows you to promote products without having to build a website or blog. We will use as our example.

Follow these steps to create a blog.

1. If you have a gmail account, go to and log in. Register for one if you don’t already have one.

2. Login to create a blog.

3. 3.Enter a blog title that is related to your product and contains your keywords.

4. Check if the title is listed as the blog address (url).

5. To proceed, you may need to enter a verification code.

6. Next, choose a template you like that best suits your product. Click the Continue button.

7. You will see a confirmation screen that your blog has been created.

Now you are ready to create your landing page.

Creating your Landing Page

After creating your blog or account, click on Start Blogging. The word processor at will open. The word processor is easy to use and allows you to add images, create hyperlinks, change font styles, color, and modify font sizes. This will be easy to use if you’re familiar with Microsoft Word. Start writing your landing page by reviewing all of the information that you have gathered. You are only writing a review based on your personal experience and usage of the product. Since that is already done by the vendor, you are not writing a sales message. Instead, you will send your visitors to that site through a link.